A peer-to-peer theatrical project to address the opioid overdose epidemic in Indiana.  

By youth, for youth. 


In the United States, 72,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2017.

In Marion County alone, over 400 of those deaths were overdoses of drugs derived from opium: heroin, fentanyl, and prescription painkillers like oxycodone, all of which are opioids.


We believe youth can make a difference.

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An original play by youth,
for youth.

From now through the end of 2020, sixteen teen actors in Indianapolis are piloting Young Actors Theatre’s Love Over Dose program, in which they interview community experts on opioids in order to develop an original play, aimed at educating and engaging youth audiences in their community.

The purpose of the Love Over Dose theatrical project isn’t to scare kids away from drugs; it will use individual stories to provide honest education and humanize an issue that is often only addressed in grim statistics. Youth performing for other youth will be especially effective at encouraging young audiences to view the opioid overdose crisis with a new level of empathy and understanding, while providing clear and relevant information on how young people can help prevent overdoses in their families and communities.


Our Impact

As a grassroots theatrical intervention of the opioid crisis, Love Over Dose can go a long way toward mitigating the tragedies associated with opioid abuse and overdose. Throughout Spring and Fall 2020, Love Over Dose will perform for public audiences in addition to at least 5,000 Indianapolis-area students, at least 75% of whom are underserved. As youth through Indiana and the U.S. learn about the opioid crisis and develop empathy, it is our hope that they will reduce the stigma of addiction by the same token, and make real progress towards the goal of fewer overdoses each year to come.



Indianapolis youth actors
involved in the production.

Our 15 student performers will serve as resources on opioid abuse and overdose in their schools and communities.



Students will see the performance.

At least 5,000 5th-12th-grade students, at least 75% of whom are under-served, will see Love Over Dose performed live in 2020.



Performances in the Indianapolis area.

We will perform for public audiences at the Phoenix Theatre and at the Historic Athenaeum, in addition to performing at local schools.


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We are excited to share footage from the first few months of rehearsals. Community experts on opioids have generously shared their time, their stories, and their views with us, and we invite you to join our research journey.

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Attend a Performance

Join us for performances at the Phoenix Theatre and the Basile Theatre at the Historic Athenaeum throughout 2020.

Book a School Performance

Love Over Dose is aimed at 5th-12th grade students. Contact us to book a performance for your school or youth group.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us accomplish our mission of educating Indianapolis youth about opioid abuse and overdose by volunteering your time.