Frequently Asked Questions



What is Love Over Dose? In the simplest terms, Love Over Dose is a theatre production that will be written and performed by high school students. Unlike a typical high school play, Love Over Dose will address - and attempt to find solutions to - the heartbreaking opioid overdose crisis.



What does Love Over Dose mean?
At Young Actors Theatre, theatre is as much about teaching empathy as anything else. By the same token, we see empathy and even love as crucial components of the way our community can address the opioid crisis. A goal of Love Over Dose is to increase our community’s empathy toward those dealing with addiction and those affected by the opioid addiction and overdose in any way.



How do you build a play from scratch?
Rather than starting with a script, we’ll use a process called devising, in which the actors work alongside the director to write an original play throughout the rehearsal process. Since the opioid overdose epidemic is extremely complex, we’re starting with a research phase that focuses on hearing the stories of those who are affected.  Our visiting speaker series includes people who have recovered or are in recovery from addiction, those who have lost family to overdoses, neuroscientists, judges, emergency responders, and chronic pain patients.



When are performances? Are they open to the public?
Yes! Love Over Dose will perform for school groups and the public throughout 2020. Stay tuned for our announcement of public performance dates, or contact us to book a performance for your school or organization.