Studies show that the “D.A.R.E.” generation didn’t respond to scare tactics. Studies have shown that students who participated in programs such as D.A.R.E. have a slightly higher chance of participating in drug and alcohol abuse. With deaths from overdose on the rise, and the biggest victims between the ages of 14-25, America needs a solution and a message that will resonate with youth today.

How can the policy makers, the activists, the health care workers, the educators, and the community reach a generation that was born into the technological and information age?

the problem

“Just Say No” doesn’t work.

our solution

A peer-to-peer performance experience unlike any other

A cast of six students will bring to life a story that could be about anyone, be anywhere, and could be the story of YOU. Through our devising process, students have come together with professional artists to make a performance piece that is relevant to THEM. This isn’t a process where a bunch of adults decide the best course of action. This is a project where young people have a voice in the message and the product.

the result?

A compelling, on time performance piece that will educate, move, and inspire.

the impact

We aren’t looking
to share a message of “say no to drugs.”

We are saying “no really, say no to drugs. Say no to running from pain and hiding from the hard. Say yes to the beauty and the hard work and the struggle and the truth of sober moments that make up your life. Say no to drugs, and say yes to everything.” 

the process

Love Over Dose was created by a team of 19 middle and high school students and theatre professionals.

Our process is four steps.


We studied, met with experts, asked questions, and took notes. We learned about the opioid crisis from experts and people who have been affected by it in a personal way.


We experimented, hypotheisized, started over, tried again, and collaborated. We took what we had learned and played with the how we wanted to share it with our audience.


We wrote a script, put it on its feet, and fought to make truthful moments that will resonate with students today. We tested it for audiences; from students to professional artists. We took the feedback and fine tuned our approach.


We will travel the state throughout 2020, performing for 6th-12th graders at various venues and schools. This performance will be able to go from theatrical venues to school gymnasiums across the state.